Using Acupuncture for Fertility Treatment A Better Alternative?

If the claims about acupuncture for fertility are anything to go by, then every couple that is faced with infertility problems should truly consider it. Only thing is that you may need to change your perspective about traditional Chinese medicines (TCM)!

Of course, researches are still on-going to establish how acupuncture for fertility works but the results so far indicate a high probability of success especially when used along with other conventional fertility treatments like IVF and IUI! This is one reason why you should consider acupuncture.

using acupuncture for fertility treatment

But, How Does Acupuncture For Fertility Really Work?

From the traditional Chinese perspective, acupuncture for fertility work on the premise that many illnesses (including infertility) that plague humans come about as a result of an imbalance in the energy in our bodies. Acupuncture is therefore a way of correcting this imbalance by stimulating certain points on the body through the placing of hair-thin needles thereby improving the health of the sufferer.

On the part of western science however, what exist for how acupuncture for fertility works are only theories. For example, one of such theories opines that when the energy points on the body are needled during acupuncture, chemicals and hormones are triggered and released which either change the experience of pain, or trigger a cascade of chemicals and hormones which influence the bodys own natural healing abilities.

But should you really understand how acupuncture and infertility are related before considering it as an alternative for infertility treatment? Do even the best and more advanced western medical methods for treating infertility work just as expected? And has this stopped many couples from going through several attempts trying to conceive using high tech methods like in-vitro fertilization?

Truth is, though not all quick fixes are convincing and real, acupuncture may be one of the selected few that really create satisfying and immediate results. Not only is acupuncture, when used in conjunction with other infertility treatments very effective, it also induces relaxation and absence of pain throughout the procedures.

When to Consider Acupuncture for Fertility

It is better to consider acupuncture as a treatment for fertility when all other methods of treatment have been completed without any noticeable positive results. It may also be considered if the patient is suffering from specific diseases such as irregular ovulation for women and sperm duct blockage for men.

It is ideal for couples who do not want to tax themselves financially with more extensive treatments such as those that require a number of physical examinations, tests and even surgeries.

Acupuncture treatment for infertility may come in three techniques namely manual, electrified and auricular.

Electrified method means the use of electric needles to clear the passages of energy. Auricular method, on the other hand, entails the use of pricking the earlobes and the ears so as to clear hormonal disorders especially in women.


So, is acupuncture for fertility an alternative you should consider? That will depend on how you look at acupuncture. But one thing that is for sure however is that, while many may claim that acupuncture for infertility is a cure, it would safer to consider it as an important part of any treatment conducted for infertile couples.  Also for positive results each plan must be different from the next. This is because patients possess varying physical problems that must be addressed accordingly.