The Truth About The Conditions Of Infertility In Men

In the past, we were made to believe that infertility is a disease that occurs only in females. But the recent science casts more light on the myths that were thought to be done, we now know with certainty that infertility obviously appears even in male patients.

infertility in menIn fact, we are examining the recorded cases of infertility, the details show that the factors of infertility is almost equally divided between male and female factors. These factors are 30% and 30% are covered by common factors that covers unknown sterile conditions.

According to the problems that the patient, the treatment will vary largely on the drug for a broad analysis of cases that may occur in surgical procedures and operations on the affected areas.

Say for erectile dysfunction, for example, the only obvious clinical performance for which you can base the diagnosis of disease. (Note: Infertility is not a physical condition and most of the symptoms are more than the shadow of a much bigger problem that is found in the human body.).

Erectile dysfunction can be easily treated with medication. But with more advanced signs of male infertility, the final treatment can lead the patient and the physician to use assisted reproductive technologies that not only meet the factors that cause male infertility, but it can also help treat female infertility.

Normally, in the different types of assisted reproductive technologies, for male patients are asked to produce sperm from which the semen is collected. There are many factors that bring both technical success or failure. One of which is the quality of sperm.

If the quality of the sperm is viable for in vitro fertilization (a form of assisted reproductive technology) can fertilize the female egg. The beginning of all other methods that will follow after the resumption of the sperm and the egg.

However, if the seed is too low quality, it is possible that patients will be asked if they wish to sperm donors. Otherwise, the procedure will not continue at all. If they agree, the cycle will be limited to the egg and sperm cells from partners from another person.

Unfortunately, there is no technology that will help improve sperm quality of a specific person. The only thing that medical science can do is make the most of the current state of sperm quality can offer.