Herbal Fertility Remedies: A Comprehensive View and Why You Should Care!

For decades herbs have been used as a form of infertility treatment. In fact, the first formal study of herbs for infertility treatment was conducted in China as far back as 1237 A. D and since then millions have benefited immensely with herbal fertility remedies.

Unfortunately, despite the great help that herbal fertility remedies have given to infertile couples many others simply would not accept the idea of using strange leaves and other plant species for a condition like infertility. This is really unfortunate because using herbs for infertility treatment is something that deserves its rightful position in the world of medical practice today.

Herbs for Infertility TreatmentFor example, as at the moment, there are well over 150 recognized herbal fertility remedies around the world. Most of these herbs have actually been transformed into tablets, pills, powders, etc. And the fact that different types of herbal fertility remedies are in use today, it is definitely impossible that an infertile person will not respond to any one of them.

It is true that only a few of these herbs have the therapeutic value as approved by the drugs authority and the medical circles but that does not take away their effectiveness. In fact, the medical community is now accepting most of these herbs and other alternative medicines in conjunction with the western approach as a balance in treating infertility.

It may interest to know that two of the commonly used herbs as cure for infertility are the Xi Xian Cao (Siegesbeckia) and Yi Mu Cao (Leonurus). During a recent study in China, it was discovered that these two herbs when combined have the power to induce the effect of releasing the blockage in the fallopian tube, which is a major problem among infertile women. This study revealed that women who went through the experimentation responded favorably within 10 days. This was a surprise to all since such results are not realizable, not even with the highest of the technologies that are employed in west medical practice.

Besides the many herbal fertility remedies, other essential oils may also prove helpful when undergoing alternative treatment along with the use of acupuncture. In fact, some authorities agree that acupuncture is enough to cure the cause of the infertility. However, to be safe let us presume that we need to use other techniques to benefit from the results.

It is understandable that with our level of advancement today, beliefs such as energies, bad spirits and the likes may not be readily acceptable in the treatment of infertility. However, that is the simple reason why they are right called alternatives. But the matter of fact is, you don’t need to understand the underlying principles of herbal fertility remedies before you can benefit with them. You simply need to have faith that they may help cure that infertile condition.