Unexplained Infertility: Making Sense of an Unpleasant Situation!

Is it not strange that with all the improvements in how technology helps us to diagnose infertility, many infertility cases are still labeled as unknown causes? Or how would you explain a situation where many infertility cases are still classified medically today as unexplained infertility?

Indeed, fertility scientists some years back figured of that about 60% of infertility cases are unexplained. This is understandable considering the level of technological advancement back then. But in a situation where today about that same figure still persist (between 20% and 25% of infertility patients still do not show any clear symptoms that can be associated with infertility), one is tempted to question the efficacy of the many technological advances if the cases of unexplained infertility are still that high today.

This is really not encouraging to those who fall into this category of unexplained infertility. But hope is not lost. Only thing is, keep your hope alive, and maintain your psychological balance while seeking for a possible solution.

What is unexplained infertility

Some Possible Reasons for Unexplained Infertility

The following are some possible reasons why medically there have not been any explanations for the many infertility cases reported so far.

1. Lack Of Time And Techniques

This is the #1 reason for many of the unexplained infertility cases. There’s no enough time to clear most of the issues associated with the cases. Also, many of the techniques used are still not advanced enough. Some authorities believe that for a case of infertility to be clearly established the patient must undergo a comprehensive program for tests and examinations. They believe that a shorter period of observation and analysis could be misleading. They are of the opinion therefore that if more extensive parameters of diagnosis are used, the number of unexplained infertility cases will drop dramatically.

Since the methods of analysis employed in the field of infertility today are somewhat still lacking, that assertion is partly unachievable. Of course, many of these experts may claim to be using some form of advanced technology for their analysis but they are yet to penetrate into the deeper issues that may shed light on the conditions we believe to be unexplained.

2. Flaws In Procedures

Another reason is the flaws in the procedures used in handling many infertility cases. This is one area medical science must work on. There certainly are many defects associated with many of the assisted reproduction techniques (ART) in use today.

Though advanced methods have high rates of giving to their patients what they promised, there are still some cases when even the practitioners themselves are unsure of how to conduct the procedures very satisfactorily.

A good example here is in vitro fertilization. While in-vitro fertilization is widely accepted as the ultimate option for infertile couples to be able to produce pregnancy, no one (except those who were exceptionally hopeful enough as to show signs of high pregnancy rates) is truly assured that they can actually conceive and deliver a baby successfully. In fact, most patients have to undergo several times of financial and physical taxation via the techniques employed in the industry before they can be assured of a workable pregnancy. Nonetheless, they still have no guarantee of a successful pregnancy, delivery and birth of the child.

This is really disheartening. However, there is some good news in this area with the new ivf technology that promises better results in record time.

3. The Spiritual Angle

We mustnt forget that as humans we’re spiritual in nature. If there is something inherently wrong in our spiritual part that may definitely be reflected in the physical. This is where going spiritual and submitting to the higher being who controls every other thing here on the earth may sometimes be necessary.

Where every condition necessary for conception is present and available technologies cannot reveal any sign of infertility, whether obvious or subtle, the spiritual angle must not be ignored. Look up in prayers. Exercise your inner powers of faith knowing that many in the holy book went through the same situation but later had the joy of conceiving and bringing forth renowned men and women in history. That unexplained infertile condition may just be another case that may give the world another Samuel or another John the Baptist!


As much as you don’t want to ignore the word of the medical experts when your case of infertility cannot be explained, know that there is hope. Rejoice in the fact that your body mechanisms are working alright even if you have not had the joy of your own baby. Unexplained infertility could actually be no infertility at all since you have every necessary for conception. It is important therefore that you keep your hope alive because your psychological response will determine to a great extent if you will overcome the condition of unexplained infertility.